About Tru-Fit

Tru-Fit Products opened for business in March 2015 and is now fabricating the new generation of mineral wool pipe insulation (both Cut-Pipe and V-Groove) for the industrial insulation market. Tru-Fit Products is located in Waverly, TN and operates from a 60,000 sq. ft. building to accommodate the high volume production of pipe insulation available in our product line. The plant can handle small jobs, large domestic and international projects with the space to stage and manage containers for exports.

Tru-Fit products pipe insulation is manufactured from one of the industry’s best energy efficient, mineral wool fabrication board manufacturers and provides quality all the way to the pipe.

Each TFP insulation product is of the highest quality and is competitively priced. Various densities, sizes and product combinations are offered.

Please contact us at 931-296-1550 and we look forward to the opportunity to work with you!

Billy Weatherspoon– Sales
Richard Martin– Production
Taylor Harvey– Customer Service
Trey Weatherspoon– Customer Service
Melissa Damesworth– Accounting