V-Groove Pipe Insulation

v-grooveTru-Fit’s V-Groove Pipe Insulation is produced from the industry’s highest quality stone wool, manufactured with Basalt Rock. Our pipe covering products are used up to 1200 degrees per ASTM C411 for use on High Temperature pipes used in the power and petro-chemical systems.

V-Groove Products

Tru-Fit Preformed
Formed in half sections and shipped in a box.

Tru-Fit Precision-Cut
Shipped flat in 3Mil Poly packages – Significant freight and storage savings – up to 50% on some sizes

Tru-Fit Field Preformed
Shipped flat in 3Mil Poly packages – Formed in the field for ease of installation yet shipped flat for freight and storage savings.

The V-Groove products are cut in half sections and quads on larger sizes and are available plain or with ASJ (All Service Jacket) or FSK (Foil Scrim Kraft). Tru-Fit’s V-Groove insulation is available in 3’ lengths; pipe sizes .5” through 28” and thicknesses 1” through 6” in half-inch increments.

Our Materials are water repellant and provide corrosion resistance from the base raw materials used in our products.

» Download the full V-Groove Product Datasheet.
» Download the full V-Groove TruRoc Product Datasheet.
» Mineral Wool Safety Data Sheet